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Victorian / Dickensian Themed Entertainment

victorian / dickensian themed entertainers

A combination of any or even all the below Victorian / Dickensian entertainment can be performed at an event all in one day at no extra cost. All of these victorian acts can also be booked as a triple act with the addition of another entertainer.

Stilt Walkers - Victorian Policemen

stilt walking victorian policemen entertainers

Do you require additional security, extra law enforcement and the reassurance that there will be no funny business at your event? If your answer is yes, this is not the act for you......... Funny business guaranteed!
You have seen the long arm of the law, now meet the long legs of the law!

This act is daft, there is no doubt. We really enjoy performing as Officer Phillippe and Officer Philloppe, it always goes down a storm!

Phillippe - Philloppe are very experieced stilt walkers and entertainers, and provide various other stilt characters, please see our main website for details.


Victorian Police on Penny Farthings

comedy police characters / entertainers

PC Phillippe & PC Philloppe are also available without stilts but riding Penny Farthings. Using these props, physical skills and comic abilities, Phillippe - Philloppe definately perform the most comical comedy police act on the victorian entertainment circuit.


Victorian Juggling Gents / Stilt Walkers

victorian /dickensian themed stilt walkers

Another part of Phillippe - Philloppes Victorian / Dickensian entertainment repertoire is the Victorian Juggling Gents. As stilt walkers, ground based entertainers or riding penny farthings they are very smartly dressed in their top hats and tail coats for any occassion. These gents are entertainers with sharp juggling skills and daft humour!


Victorian Gentlemen on Penny Farthings

christmas themed victorian entertainersvictorian / dickensian characters

Phillippe - Philloppe - Two dapper Victorian / Dickensian themed circus entertainers on Penny Farthings. As the ride, they perform unique cycle stunts and reguarly stop for a banter and to show off their fine juggling skills.
A couple of very fine gents!


Victorian / Dickensian Gentlemen Jugglers

victorian themed circus performers

Our Victorian themed characters are also available without stilts or penny farthings, just good old fashioned juggling skills and jovial banter.


victorian police farce


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